At Silver Strike Concrete, we take great efforts to ensure our customers have the best experience, and the best concrete products, we can offer. We work to continually supply our customers with the highest quality products available on the market as well as enhance our service offerings to our customers. We do this through our rigorous QA (quality assurance) testing. The four strategic priorities of our QA testing are: improved product quality and consistency for our everyday customers, the creation and maintenance of concrete mix designs for special projects, supporting our customers with the investigation of on-the-job quality issues, and the improvement of technical concrete knowledge of our own internal staff.

In support of our everyday customers, our QA testing provides constant evaluation of our concrete performance and our raw materials by mixing small scale batches that mimic our daily results. This allows us to monitor water demand, concrete temperatures, and many other factors that can impact the daily performance of our concrete products. This also gives us the ability to test our mixes at different points in the year as weather conditions change and affect items such as the temperature of our aggregates that go into the concrete mix. Because of seasonal changes, it’s imperative that real time adjustments are made at the plant level to improve quality and ensure consistency at all times throughout the year. This also provides a huge benefit to our customers in planning and ordering the right mix for their project and helps reduce the risk of cracking and other quality issues that occur during the finishing and curing process. Ultimately our goals of high quality and consistency of our products are meant to help our customers satisfy their customers.

QA testing is critical in designing specialty mixes for jobs with specifications.  When designing and testing new and existing concrete mixes, we are able to test multiple batches and record data on their performance. Some of the data captured includes strength, set times, and shrinkage. These results are critical data points when manufacturing and supplying concrete -especially for projects such as retaining walls, bridges, roads, etc. We invite our customers to work alongside us as we put together mix designs in support of their projects. This is a great way for our customers to expand their knowledge on the impact that concrete additives and raw materials have on the final product and allows them to have a say in what goes into their concrete mix.

To take it a step further, when required and/or feasible, we also provide field testing to verify concrete properties for our customers. We leverage supplier relationships and capabilities to help investigate customer questions or concerns. We can address customer concerns with product performance and make mix design changes that will resolve those issues in the future.

Finally, our QA testing also provides a platform for customer and employee training that, in a non-conventional way, improves the customer experience as well. This allows our drivers to receive more effective technical training through hands-on involvement prior to being thrown into the day-to-day schedule. The more knowledgeable our staff and our drivers are with regards to the technical side of concrete, the better service and education we can provide to our customers.

We understand and focus on the importance of the full customer experience, from the selection of raw materials all the way through the curing of the concrete. Our quality testing capabilities are a key contributor to our core values of maintaining high quality and consistent concrete products for our customers. We are ready to take on your next project. Our sales team is here to help you with your concrete order from recommendations through delivery. Contact us to get started: 775-900-2939