Colored Concrete

Take Concrete from Gray to Gorgeous!

Silver Strike offers a wide range of liquid color additives that will provide a long-lasting and visually appealing concrete product for any home. Our color admixtures are integrated into our concrete mix designs and automatically dosed at our plants to help maintain consistency across multiple loads.

However, variation can occur due to the natural properties associated with our aggregates (rock and sand) as well as our cementitious materials, among other factors.

In addition to the standard options, we also offer color matching for colors that are not offered by our supplier. In addition, for projects requiring green color additives we require a minimum 1 week lead time to get those pigments in due to low demand. Consult our sales department for questions regarding any colored concrete solutions.

So Many Colors!

Thanks to our color partner, BASF Master Builder, you have a world of color options *.


The color chips depicted in this color catalog show the approximate color of broom-finished, fully cured decorative concrete flatwork made with a medium gray cement, and a 0.45 to 0.50 water-cement ratio.

Decorative concrete cured with BASF’s MasterKure® CC 1315 curing compound will be slightly darker in appearance.

There are many factors that can impact the finished appearance of in-place decorative concrete.


Download the BASF Master Builder Color Chip Brochure


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