We understand the challenges of working with concrete in cold weather, especially when temperatures drop below 50 degrees. Cold weather concreting requires careful execution to protect against early freezing and thermal cracking. In many situations, concrete projects can’t wait for milder temperatures. Here’s how Silver Strike Concrete addresses the challenges and ensures durable, high-strength concrete in cold weather.

Cold Weather Concreting: Ensuring Durability and Strength

Concrete sets more slowly in cold temperatures, particularly below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold weather concreting, which is necessary when temperatures may fall below 40 degrees F, demands specific measures to prevent freezing and thermal cracking. When executed properly, these steps result in a more robust concrete with higher ultimate strength.

Accelerating Admixture and Hot Water: A Winning Combination

To overcome the challenges of cold weather, we recommend the use of accelerating admixture and hot water. Accelerating chemicals reduce the initial set time of concrete, facilitating quicker finishing activities. This combination allows concrete to be put into service within hours of placement if needed.

Benefits of Using Hot Water

In cold weather, controlling the concrete mixing temperature is crucial. Utilizing industrial water heaters to bring batch water temperatures up to 160 degrees F warms all ingredients in the concrete mix, reducing the set time. Concrete at 70 degrees F has an approximate set time of 5 hours, half that of concrete at 50 degrees F. Hot water helps maintain concrete temperature, reducing the risk of early age freezing.

Benefits of Using Accelerating Admixture

Accelerator is added to concrete to speed up the hydration process. Depending on temperature, set times can be significantly reduced. Using AC 534 as a liquid additive for ready-mix concrete reduces set times, increases early age strengths, and can be dosed differently for various temperatures and set times.

Combining Hot Water and Accelerating Admixture

To handle cold weather, concrete needs to gain strength quickly. Using hot water and accelerator together changes the mix to set more rapidly while protecting the concrete from the cold until it reaches the required strength. This combination allows concrete placement in freezing temperatures, reaching the necessary strength for safe form removal.

Silver Strike Concrete prioritizes providing the highest quality concrete by combining top-quality products with over 20 years of industry expertise. If you’re planning a project with a cold weather concrete pour, trust Silver Strike Concrete to deliver durable and high-strength results. Contact us today at (775) 900-2939 for assistance with your next project.