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We put high value on our relationship with our concrete contractor customers, always ready to help them through any issues whether business or technical.

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The Silver Strike Story

Silver Strike Concrete has evolved from humble beginnings into a formidable force in the concrete industry, showcasing continuous growth and success over the years. Our journey started with simple beginnings, as our founding team gained valuable experience working as laborers on a modest concrete finishing crew. This hands-on foundation led to the establishment of a residential concrete contracting venture, which later flourished into our own thriving ready mix concrete company.

Over two decades of dedicated efforts and commitment to excellence have propelled Silver Strike Concrete to its current position as a leader in the field. Our success is evident in our multiple plant locations, a robust fleet of over 70 concrete mixer trucks, and a diversified portfolio that includes ventures into concrete recycling, crushing, and a concrete aggregate business. This growth reflects our ability to adapt, innovate, and meet the evolving needs of the construction industry.

The next chapter in our story involves the acquisition by Farmer Companies, a move that has further extended our capabilities and amplified our impact in the construction industry. As part of the Farmer Companies network, we continue to build on our success, leveraging the resources and expertise available to us. This acquisition enhances our ability to serve our customers with even greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Our extensive experience positions us as a reliable supplier of ready mix concrete for projects of various scales, from residential to large commercial undertakings. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive support, assisting customers with everything from raw materials to the technical aspects of concrete, and offering valuable insights into placement and finishing when needed.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering high-quality concrete on time, a focus ingrained in our core values. With a foundation built on experience and a keen understanding of the industry, we address the day-to-day challenges our customers face, ensuring a seamless and successful partnership. Silver Strike Concrete, now within the Farmer Companies family, remains dedicated to excellence, growth, and unparalleled service in the construction industry.

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