In the heart of the Reno area, the Mathewson Gateway Project is a joint development between Mathewson University and the City of Reno. The Mathewson Gateway Project transitions between the historic University campus and urban edge of downtown Reno to leverage social encounters, drive community engagement, and foster economic growth. The project will transform the landscape and create new opportunities, including jobs for residents of Reno and the surrounding region.

Silver Stike is partnered with McClone Construction to supply concrete on the Mathewson Gateway Project. We recently poured high-performance concrete with an impressive design strength of 8,000 psi. Notably, this concrete achieved early strength, enabling the contractors to expedite their construction progress, making it possible to advance to the next floor within just seven days. The concrete Silver Strike Concrete is manufacturing for this project will fortify a five-story, 128,000 square-foot building, soon to be the University of Nevada Reno College of Business’s new home.

This rapid progress is propelling the Mathewson Gateway Project forward and is a testament to the innovative thinking behind Silver Strike’s concrete process. What sets this concrete apart is its early strength properties, which allow for the efficient removal of forms in a short period of time and the swift start on the subsequent floors. This quick turnaround time not only saves valuable time but also reduces construction costs.

In a project aimed at bridging the past with the future, the Mathewson Gateway Project represents a symbol of progress and growth in the Reno area. It is the result of the collaborative spirit of Mathewson University and the City of Reno and innovative contributions from companies like Silver Strike and McClone Construction, who are redefining construction and engineering standards. We’re thankful to be teamed up with McClone Construction on this project – stay tuned for progress updates!