Fiber-reinforced concrete contains a discrete synthetic fibrous material that is available in a variety of lengths, densities, and blends to create a three-dimensional reinforcement network. This fiber reinforcement enhances the durability of concrete by reducing crack widths. It is impossible to prevent concrete from cracking, so instead we focus on preventing the micro cracks from gaining momentum. Fibers are thoroughly mixed and evenly dispersed in the concrete, giving the fibers the ability to stop microcracks at an early age.

In addition to reducing crack widths, fiber-reinforced concrete benefits include extended service life with reduced maintenance, faster speed of construction, labor savings and improved worker safety. Fiber reinforced concrete can eliminate the need for welded-wire reinforcement (WWR) and small-diameter steel bars that are traditionally used as secondary reinforcement in concrete projects to offset conventional shrinkage and provide temperature support. It’s now commonly used for industrial and warehouse slabs-on-ground, residential and commercial slabs-on-ground, concrete pavements, white topping and overlays, composite metal decks and architectural panels.

From Fiber Force:

The stress redistribution provided by fibers provides both short-term and long-term benefits. The fibers help the wet concrete by minimizing shrinkage cracks and providing a more uniform water to cement ratio, increasing concrete durability. Once the concrete has hardened, the post-first crack residual strength provided by the macrosynthetic fibers increases the ductility of the concrete. The fibers can also be used to extend joint spacing which lower the long-term maintenance required in commercial/industrial applications.

Why use fiber to replace welded wire or rebar?

  • Effective tight crack control
  • Provides excellent control of settlement cracking
  • Improves green strengths and permits earlier stripping of forms with less rejection
  • Reduces construction time and overall labor and material costs
  • Reduces the effects of handling and transportation stresses
  • Increases flexural toughness, impact and shatter resistance

Real World Application:

We are about to kick off a project with CVC in Redding, CA utilizing fiber reinforcement as a replacement for steel reinforcement.  This new development is approximately 60 total housing units and in partnership with Fiber Force, CVC will utilize their fibers in the house foundations.   We are excited to see the results of this project as we kick it off in the new year. Interested in fiber-reinforced concrete for your next project? Samples of fibers supplied by Silver Strike Concrete are available through the sales department. Contact us today to get started! 775-900-2939